10 Tips To Improve Productivity

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  1. Manage Your Time:
    Use a calendar or electronic device to track your appointments, otherwise it’s too easy to overlook something or to double-book your time.
  2. Clear Clutter:
    Make some room on your desk – remove all supplies and gadgets that you don’t use every day. Take a look at the items on your bulletin board and the Post-its on your computer – throw out ancient history. Uncover your horizontal surfaces – credenzas, tables, bookshelves.
  3. Organize Your Information:
    Create a filing system that works for you. Use hanging folders with plastic tabs to organize your papers. Create a filing system for your electronic documents that mirrors your system for paper.
  4. Don’t Waste Space:
    Use your space effectively so that you can find things quickly. Keep critical and frequently-used items and information within arms’ reach. Use a vertical step rack or a file box for “hot” files. Move your furniture and office equipment so that you can easily access the things you need.
  5. Travel Trouble-Free:
    Lists, lists, lists! Start a list of the information and materials you must bring with you as soon as you plan trip. Keep a master list of items you always need to bring along – from your toothbrush to your business cards.
  6. Prevail Over Email:
    Check and respond to e-mail at designated “sessions” rather than continuously throughout the day. Mute the incoming mail chime to make it easier to ignore each message.
  7. Make The Most of Meetings:
    Have a written agenda, ideally with timeframes. Be vigilant about starting and ending on time. Keep information for different meetings in spate folders or binders. Write the date on your notes. Keep track of any actions you promised to take.
  8. Minimize Interruptions:
    The average businessperson is interrupted every 8 to 9 minutes. When you really need to get something done, make yourself unavailable – no phone calls, no e-mail, no visitors. It’s okay to not answer a ringing phone, even a cell phone.
  9. Get Great Gear:
    From your letter opener to your computer, don’t tolerate products and tools that aren’t perfect, however you define it. Your briefcase/bag is like a portable office – make sure you love yours and that it works for you.
  10. Make A Habit of Getting Organized:
    Spend a few minutes every day to “create order from chaos” – even 5 minutes will make a difference. 15 minutes could transform your life.
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