6 Success Tips From Multimillionaires


B.I.B. Training Academy has compiled 6 success tips that Multimillionaires all seem to follow or have. Success does have clues, so follow the clues and the money will follow.

Success Tip #1: Think your Thoughts into Reality.

One day, a top corporate businessman in New York City looked out his office window. He saw piece of land. He thought the land was unusual because the land was empty and didn’t have a building on it like every other square inch of Manhattan. He used his imagination to visualize a building on the land. He closed his eyes and imagined that a building was really there. Guess what? A building eventually was there. The exact building that he visualized was built on that land. He used his thoughts and feelings (emotions) to attract the reality he desired. Basically, thoughts become things. Thoughts are energy. Thoughts plus emotion equal results. If you can imagine yourself with abundance and wealth, put your positive emotion into the feeling, you will manifest it in your life.

Visualization is an extremely powerful skill. Use it with your emotions and the results will run you over.

Success Tip #2: Move out of your Comfort Zone.

The saying goes “the more conflict and struggle you have the closer you are to a victory”. As your success grows so will your challenges, but your wisdom to handle them will grow as well. You are larger than any of your “problems”. Look for Opportunities in every situation, not obstacles.

Success Tip #3: Don’t listen to Naysayers.

Even the people that say they love you will hold you back. Remember that you will be doing things differently than your current friends and family, they do not want you to leave them behind. Find and surround yourself with people that have a similar mindset. Change your circle of friends.

Success Tip #4: Model other Successful People.

Read and study other successful people through out history, Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet to name a few. They all leave clues. Find Mentors and Follow them.

Success Tip #5: Be Persistent.

Remember the saying “Good things come to those that wait”? Stay the course and be persistent with your actions and success is sure to follow. Never give up if you truly believe in what you are doing. Remember it took Thomas Edison 1000 tries before he created the light bulb, what if he would have given up on try 900?

Success Tip #6: Hold on to your Dream.

Dream like you’ll live forever. Live like you’ll die today. Set short goals that you can accomplish today celebrate your victories. Be grateful for what you currently have. When you set your dreams set them big.

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