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The hand of the diligent will rule, but the lazy man
will be put to forced labor.

Course: Doing Business God’s Way

Class Curriculum


This course is designed to provide a spiritual business base for both the new business owner and the seasoned business owner. It’s also designed to introduce the business owner to the necessary steps to operate and maintain a Godly ordained business. The course will address fundamentals in major areas, such as; being called to be an entrepreneur, the purpose of the call, faith for the call, vision for the call and the art of balancing your family, work, health and spiritual life. The class will be structured to accommodate both new and seasoned business owners who are looking to take their businesses to another level using Biblical Principles. Throughout the term, students will begin to develop a mindset for business success God’s way.

What You Will Learn:

The students will learn and take away the following:
1. What it takes to own, operate and manage a small to medium size business successfully utilizing God’s Word.
2. The spiritual traits and characteristics necessary to succeed in the fast-paced business environment.
3. The various skills and habits necessary for making a business a success God’s way.
4. How to identify your individual strengths and weaknesses and what area they need to work on to insure continued success in their business venture.
5. How to develop the mindset, the approach and necessary skills to become an entrepreneurial innovator and to own and operate a million dollar business for the Kingdom Of God.


1. A Desire To Build God’s Business.
2. Enough Stamina To Endure The Storms.
3. The Faith To Believe That God Has Given You “The Power To Get Wealth.”


Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

Student Expectations:

Students will be expected to attend all classes, participate in classroom discussions and turn in any required assignments.

Course Material:

1. Doing Business God’s Way Student Training Manual / Cost $249.00 (Optional)
2. God, You Said…..”Reminding God Of His Word On Your Entrepreneurial “Journey” Book / Cost $20.00 (Optional)
3. The Entrepreneur’s Biblical Business Index Card Series / Cost $30.00 (Optional)

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