Fast Start Program
for churches

B.I.B. Fast Start Program for churches is a FOUR HOUR online business and brand marathon for aspiring, emerging and unsure or frustrated entrepreneurs who need clarity on how to take the next best step.

Since the launch of my flagship program for spirit-led entrepreneurs searching for systems and strategy to skyrocket their business, Purpose 2 Platform, I’ve been asked if I had anything I could offer those who are just starting out or still sifting through uncovering their purpose or what direction they’d like to go in.

When my community shares from the heart, I listen.

For the first time ever, I’m sharing access to the program that changed the game for over 150 students during the brief time I offered this program live.Never before have I shared the recordings or the course materials until NOW.

And my reason is simple: If all you need is an affordable entrypoint to get started and get on the path to amplifying your message and monetizing your purpose, I want to help you get there.


Define Your Brand

  • Get clear about who you want to be in the marketplace
  • Develop your plan of action for building a thriving brand and business
  • Understand how to blend your personal and professional brand for maximum marketplace success
  • Ways to build brand credibility so others will know, like and trust you
  • Connect to your true purpose and how that contributes to financial success more than any single thing you’ve learned about business

Develop Your First Profitable Product

  • Strategies for monetizing your content and message, as well as maximizing profits on any product, program or service
  • Create products (books, audio series or guides) that make money while you sleep
  • My 4 money making quadrants and why you need each in your business if you want to unlock additional streams of revenue this year
  • My #1 Secret if you need to make money within 30 to 60 days
  • How to genuinely and authentically share your story, skill set or expertise in a way that attracts your ideal clients and repels people who don’t value you

Dominate Your Niche

  • Move from looking at others as competition to complementary partners who will actually help you build your business
  • What you can do to take your side-hustle or actual business from unknown to global
  • Tips on how to stand up, stand out and get noticed in a over-saturated marketplace full of posers
  • Strategies I used to land local and national media after starting with no money and a FREE blog

What’s Included

  • Access to four hours of LIVE video training of the last Earn More Money Bootcamp so you can work at your own pace.
  • Earn More Money Bootcamp Complete Action Guide to fill-in as you go
  • The Purpose Planning Guide that helps you get super clear on selecting a focus that is in alignment with you really are – NOT who you think you should be
  • My Earn More Money Monthly Income Tracking Sheets
  • Earn More Affirmation Cards because I think you should surround yourself with the truth about what you’re capable of
  • BONUS: Earn More Expert Interview Series – Learn from 9 everyday women I admire who have used their gifts to build platforms, earn more and give back


You deserve to earn more money because of the value you genuinely add to others.

Come get the confidence, clarity and kickstart you need to refine your purpose, develop your brand essence, completely take over your market and monetize your gift, talent, skill or hobby so that you make money while you sleep!


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