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Called to Make a Difference
It is a fundamental precept that God calls not only ministers and other spiritual workers, but in fact, calls everyone to specific roles in his kingdom. This role may change over a lifetime but will usually stay consistent with an individual’s basic gifts. Christian Entrepreneurs realize that their calling is to establish and lead business organizations that are designed to achieve results in the secular world; but they do so while being led by the Holy Spirit.
(Eph 2:8-10. John 15:16A, I Cor 12:12-18)

Everyone knows and understands there is no such entity as a Christian Business. A business is a corporation, partnership or proprietorship. Yet a business may reflect the values of the principal owners and managers. It is these values that determine whether or not a business is labeled Christian or non-Christian.

We are told in James 1:22 to be “doers” of the Word. A business becomes a great tool to create an environment for doing God’s Word.

Knowing God’s principles and precepts is the first step to serving His purposes by running the business according to his rules. The Christian who has knowledge, understanding and commitment to a Christ centered business will do what God has commanded. The decision to live and run a business this way may cost economically, but will yield something even greater – God’s wisdom and peace.

Joshua 1:8-9 tells us that if we live according to these truths, God promises prosperity. In fact, many individuals would be astonished to hear the testimonies of many Christian business leaders here on the East Coast that testify of how God has prospered their business as the result of being a “doer” of the Word.

The purpose of a Christian business is to glorify God. After leadership has decided on this as a principle, each decision thereafter is much simpler. Everything must be done within the harmony of God’s Word. Everything we say or do must be weighed against our purpose – does it glorify God? (Colossians 3:23)

Positioned by God
The bible places much emphasis on spiritual gifts. Christian Entrepreneurs believe that one of their gifts is the specific position in which the Lord has placed them. By birth, by education, by training, or by circumstance, the Christian Entrepreneur has an opportunity to create some sort of business enterprise which meets the needs of people. Christian Entrepreneurs are not blindly driven by ambition and greed, but in fact, feel called by the Lord to perform certain tasks and achieve certain goals in their business enterprises.
(John 15:16b, I Cor 12:18)

Because of the position in which the Lord has placed them, Christian Entrepreneurs develop a specific vision of the future – the way things could or should be for customers, suppliers, employees, family and community. Over a period of time, this vision creates a very strong commitment which weathers countless set-backs and adversities. Through the Lord, the Christian Entrepreneur becomes empowered by this vision. Although their motives are often misunderstood, dedication to the unfolding truth of their vision as revealed by God is the guiding premise of their labor.
(Romans 1;1-14, 2 Cor 4:1, 6:4-10, Gal 6:9-10)

Calculated Risk Taker
The Christian Entrepreneur believes that life is not for the faint hearted. Modern business requires that major commitments be made. The Christian Entrepreneur must become a calculated risk taker. There is significant Biblical foundation for taking risks. The Christian Entrepreneur is drawn to a life of adventure in service, but recognizes that the price of the adventure will be occasional failure and set-backs.
(Genesis 12:1-12, Acts 21;13-14).

Servant Leadership Provide Value to Customers
The Christian Entrepreneur recognizes that the world has changed as mass customization, the Internet and globalization have taken new ideas and rapidly moved them into practice across the world. The prerequisites for business success have changed dramatically. In the new economy, the Christian model of service correlates well with the requirements for achieving business success. Today’s Customer requires dedication in all of the little things, as well as a constantly evolving desire for innovation, quality and cost-effective products and services. Christian Entrepreneurs are called to a life of serving customer through the realization of their vision.
(John 13:7-20)

In the World, But Not of it
The world often characterizes entrepreneurs as crass materialists. The Christian Entrepreneur gratefully receives and acknowledges material blessings which may come with successfully developing a business; however, material goals are always secondary to the primary calling and vision. Financial success has a way of contaminating the Vision. The Christian Entrepreneur constantly seeks out strength from above to stay willing to “lay it on the line” for the vision. The Christian Entrepreneur will refuse to be drawn into the materialistic world in which we live. With this commitment, a strong moral character is developed over time. Integrity is no guarantee of worldly success, in fact it often works against it, but without integrity, the prize is worthless.
(I Cor 9:19-26, Acts 20:33-35, Phil 3:7-15, I Tim 6:5-12)


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